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Ukaleq Slettemark

Ukaleq Slettemark


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Ukaleq Slettemark is a Greenlandic Biathlete who competed in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, where she was the only biathlete, regardless of gender, who hit all 30/30 targets in the individual and sprint competition.

In 2019 she won gold in the youth World Championships in Osrblie, Slovakia. She has several other top 10 results in the Junior World Championships from 2017, 2019 and 2021.

Ukaleq is inuk and grew up in Greenland with no access to a biathlon shooting range. In 2016 she moved to Norway to pursue biathlon. She currently lives in Norway where she trains and competes with a Norwegian private team. In Norway she is considered one of the best biathletes in her age group, with several podiums and gold Medals in the Norwegian cup and Norwegian championships, as well as a few podiums in the senior category. Norway is considered the best biathlon nation in the world. In 2018 she won the overall Norwegian cup score for the girls 17 group.

Photo: Proudly wearing a sealskin cap during training.

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