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Michael G. Robinson

Michael G. Robinson

White Earth Ojibwe

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Michael G Robinson grew up in Cass Lake, Minnesota, on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation. He is Anishinaabe, and an enrolled member of the White Earth Nation. Sports have always been important to Michael. In junior high school, Michael discovered boxing. By the age of 16, he won the Regional Golden Glove Championship, along with the Best Boxer award. In his teens his family moved to Tacoma, Washington and he continued fighting. He represented the Tacoma Boxing team regionally and in the Seattle Golden Gloves.

Michael returned to Minnesota, boxing for Minneapolis South Central Gym and Leech Lake. In his career Michael had 152 fights. He won the Regional Golden Gloves tournament eight times, eight Minnesota State Indian Boxing Tournaments and the 1981 and 1984 National Indian Boxing Championships.

Michael has been a coach, judge, and promoter of boxing. In both the amateur and professional ranks, Michael has been a positive role model for fighters throughout the Midwestern United States.

Michael has always been a positive mentor, giving freely of himself, for benefit of his community. This includes his knowledge of traditional wild rice harvesting. Every fall, he freely passes on what he knows to the next generation of ricers.

His devotion to Indian Country public safety paralleled his fighting career. He has been an officer in Mescalero, New Mexico, Red Lake, White Earth and finally, at home for the Leech Lake. Michael recently retired from Law Enforcement after serving for 32 years.

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