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Dennis J Danforth Sr.

Dennis J Danforth Sr.


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Dennis Danforth Sr., “Teyohahase – Good Road,” is a member of the Oneida Nation (WI).
Danforth earned his Associates degree in Business Management and currently works for the Oneida Comprehensive Housing Division. A devoted husband to Margaret Danforth and an amazing father to seven children and a proud grandfather to 14 grandchildren.
Danforth began his boxing journey at 10 years old with his brothers at the Oneida Mission Boxing Club in Oneida, WI. This was the beginning of shaping a lifetime of family, healthy relationships, and core values through hard work, fitness, and commitment.
Danforth’ high school years began at West De Pere High School, and in his junior year in 1974 he transferred to the Flandreau Indian School in Flandreau, South Dakota. Danforth was a multi-sport athlete playing football, basketball, track & field, and boxing. Trained by the late Joe O’Brien, a former Ojibwe boxer and a Marine veteran, Danforth learned valuable lessons of self-control, strategy, focus, sportsmanship, and was a boxing standout.
Although Danforth was offered a football scholarship to Black Hill State University, his love of boxing took him on a journey that shaped his lifetime of self-discipline, humbleness, and competitiveness that he shares with his children and grandchildren.
Danforth fought in the welterweight and middleweight classes. His greatest accomplishments as a boxer were being invited to the 1976 Olympic Trials and being a three-time National Indian Athletic Association two-weight class champion. Danforth won the 1977 South Dakota State Championship, the Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Championships in Minneapolis, and eventually crowned the 1977 Golden Gloves Welterweight Champion. He received a bid to the U.S. National Golden Gloves Tournament in Hawaii, where he joined Team Minnesota. He fought hard in Honolulu where he was defeated in a controversial split decision to a former three division world champion professional fighter.
Danforth was also a two-time Wisconsin State AAU Boxing Tournament champion and participated in three National AAU Boxing tournaments throughout Indian Country.
Danforth now enjoys passing on core values through coaching, singing for his community, and inspiring others to learn their culture, language and always be proud of who they are.

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