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Alvin Begay Jr.

Alvin Begay Jr.


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Alvin Begay Jr. was born and raised on the Navajo Nation in Ganado, Arizona. Alvin tells his personal story of growing up in a traditional Hogan herding sheep and riding horses. Alvin’s family did not have a vehicle so he ran three to four miles to Ganado Trading Post and the post office for mail or errands for his parents. On one occasion, Alvin’s older sister asked him to run for help to the hospital, as she was in labor ready to give birth. He turned around after notifying the hospital and almost beat the ambulance back to his sister’s home.

Alvin won a blue ribbon in sixth grade for running and leaving everyone behind by a great distance. Winning the blue ribbon was the beginning of a running career for Alvin, as he became one of the best high school runners in Arizona cross-country and track. Alvin won state cross country in 1978 and was a high school All American.

In 1982, Alvin ran for Haskell Jr. College where he was second team All American in cross-country, and in 1983 he was second team All American running indoor track. Coach Gerald Tuckwin talked about Alvin as one of the best runners he coached.

Alvin ran the 1985 Colorado Springs Pepsi Challenge 10K races winning and qualifying for the Western States Pepsi Challenge 10k where he finished with a time of 29.34 behind Rod Dixon.

Alvin returned to school in 1986 at Dine College running at the collegiate level again winning the men’s NJCAA National Marathon championship and All American honors.

The family’s most memorable races was Alvin winning the 1988 Duke City Marathon in a time of 2.20.50. The 10k Sedona Road race where Alvin surprised the elite runners by winning first place in a time of 28.34.

Alvin’s notable running accomplishments include winning the Washington Pass now Narbona Pass Classic 10k race five times.

Alvin is a full time rancher and enjoys the company of his sheep, cattle, horses and dogs.

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