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Aidan Howry

Aidan Howry


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Aidan Howry is a proud member of the Comanche Nation. He is the great-great-grandson of Ethel Michobey-Howry, the grandson of John Henry Howry, and the son of John and Lori Howry. Aidan is the most accomplished Junior World Raw Power Heavyweight Lifter in AAU history, as well as the most accomplished multi-organizational Raw Powerlifters in the United States as a whole. Aidan has won the OFBCA State Championship, N.A.S.A. State Championship, AAU State Championship and AAU 13-15 Year Old Champion raw power all at 242 lbs.
From ages 12 and 13, Aidan had 315 lbs. Squat, 365 lbs. Deadlift, and an American Full Power total of 850 lbs. all of which he earned A.A.U. American records for. From 14 to 15 years old, Aidan had 264 lbs. Bench Press, 468 lbs. Deadlift, and a total lift amount of 1,157.4 lbs. He proceeded to win the A.A.U. World Championship and set 3 World Records, USPL National Championship, N.A.S.A. National High School Championship, and the OFBCA State Championship at 308 lbs raw power. From 18-19 years old, he won the OFBCA State Championship, the A.A.U. Junior Olympic Championship, an A.A.U American and A.A.U. World Record also weighed in at 308 lbs. raw power.
Aidan had a deadlift of 617.5 pounds at the A.A.U. Junior Olympics. This lift earned an American and World Record. Aidan holds four American records, four World records, and one National Record. He was named the Oklahoma All-District Class A Player from 2019-2021, 2021 Class A Lineman of the Year, VYPE Magazine Class A All-State player 2019-2021, Top 100 player in the Daily Oklahoman, and Tulsa World All Metro Offensive Lineman of 2021. Aidan was also invited and participated in the prestigious NBC Sports All American Combine.
Aidan has been awarded many football accolades and honors throughout the duration of high school, but currently as an active scholarship student athlete. He received an offer to play Division 1 at University of Central Arkansas where he played in one game as a true freshman. Aidan went on to enter the transfer portal where he received a scholarship to play football at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. At SOSU, he played every game of his Red Shirt freshman year regular season, as well as the Live United Bowl Game.
Photo Credits: Dan Hoke and Lori Howry

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