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2021 Haudenosaunee Nationals Women

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The international lacrosse tournament featured 10 teams from seven Pan American countries. Florida hosted the 2021 PALA tournament showcasing World Lacrosse’s new Sixes discipline. The Iroquois Nationals team were victorious in the women’s division, and had dominated the sport and remained undefeated the entire tournament. The Iroquois Nationals defeated Puerto Rico in the championship by a score of 17-9. The women finished the tournament with a plus 64 goal differential and an amazing accomplishment for the Haudenosaunee women.

Top row left to right: Cassandra Minerd, Onondaga; Jalyn Jimerson, Cayuga; Lois Garlow, Seneca; Sierra Cockerille, Mohawk; Taylor Frink, Onondaga; and Jacelyn Lazore, Mohawk Bottom row left to right: Ewehegwahs Williams, Cayuga; Lynnzee Miller, Cayuga; Beretta Santana, Seneca; Ivy Santana, Seneca; Jordan Coulon, Onondaga; and Jenna Haring, Seneca

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