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2019 Haudenosaunee Nationals Women

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The Haudenosaunee Nationals women's team won the gold medal in the Pan-American Lacrosse World Qualifiers in Auburndale, Florida. The team started the tournament defeating Columbia 17-3. Next, they defeated Jamaica 21-3 to advance to the semifinals against Mexico. After defeating Mexico 14-4, the Haudenosaunee Nationals met Puerto Rico in the championship game, winning by a score of 16-6 to sweep through the tournament unbeaten.

Top row left to right: WL Competition Chair Fiona Clark; HL Asst. Coach Leah Gallagher; Taylor Frink, Onondaga; Victoria Thompson, Mohawk; Tsiotenhariio Herne, Mohawk; Lois Garlow, Seneca; Mirabella Lazore, Mohawk; Enahaogwahs Schindler, Cayuga; Fantasy Jimerson, Seneca; Amber Hill, Cayuga; Gawehegyeho Thomas, Cayuga; HN Head Coach Katie Rowan; WL President Sue Redfern; HN Manager Tia Schindler, Cayuga Bottom row left to right: Kimberly Gibson, Cayuga; Jacelyn Lazore, Mohawk; Jalyn Jimerson, Cayuga; Katie Smith, Mohawk; Wadatawi Bomberry, Mohawk; Kohen Schindler, Cayuga; Trystyn Miller, Oneida; Dana Isaacs, Onondaga; Awehiyo Thomas, Cayuga; PALA President Katherine Loh

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