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Claudia Jimerson

Cayuga Nation, Bear Clan

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Claudia Jimerson is an influential steward of the game who has contributed to the growth and development of Women’s lacrosse. A former lacrosse player and coach herself, Jimerson has spent many years dedicating her life and heart back to the sport that has brought her so many joyous experiences.

Jimerson is currently a Senior Human Resource Executive at Seneca Gaming Corporation with 20 years of successful experience in the hospitality industry. She brings a wealth of knowledge in organization development, talent acquisition and training that she incorporates into the women’s program to promote a positive environment for continuous learning, inclusion and personal growth.

She was a High School US All American and SUNY Fredonia Women’s Lacrosse All American Honorable Mention.

Jimerson participated in the 2013 Women’s World Championships where she was a team captain for the Haudenosaunee Nationals. She exemplified leadership, inspiration, and heart that helped lead the way for team Haudenosaunee to their highest finish yet.

Since then, Jimerson has transitioned to an important role as the Director of Women’s Lacrosse Operations and Board Member of the Haudenosaunee Nationals. She has contributed a great deal of time and energy back to the game and her people. In the last three years, she has worked with others to lead the Haudenosaunee Nationals Women’s team to compete in three international competitions where they have placed first, eighth and seventh respectively.

Jimerson has demonstrated passion for the game throughout the years and more importantly, she has shown all Haudenosaunee women what it means to be empowered. Jimerson is someone who is confident and leads with her heart. She is filled with passion and love; and sets an example of what the game can cultivate in women if you allow yourself to learn and honor it in all the right ways. She has used the game as a tool to inspire those around her to believe in themselves and be confident in who they are.

Jimerson finds joy and importance in educating others on the history and importance of lacrosse - she uses her role to not only spread the culture of the Haudenosaunee people and where the spirit game comes from; but also to spread awareness on Indigenous issues.

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