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Cherlyn Dawn Billy

Shuswap Nation

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Cherlyn Billy was part of the U-19 Indigenous Female Team BC for the 2017 North American Indigenous Games. This was the first time that the NAIG games had female box lacrosse, and because of this Cherlyn wanted the players to get the full recognition for it. She set up interviews for players with the media, fundraised so they could get new and proper gear and most importantly instilled in them that they were proud Indigenous woman. The team brought home bronze in the games, and fond memories.
From this Cherlyn created the BC Storm Lacrosse, a team and group dedicated to using lacrosse as a way to connect culture, history and traditions. Cherlyn coached the first Storm team in an All Nations tournament in 2018 in Six Nations and the team brought home a bronze medal. She used this platform to support players who went to play for Haudenosaunee at the 2019 U-19 Female Field Lacrosse World Games; and later those trying out for the 2022 Haudenosaunee Women’s and Sixes teams in which Cherlyn had multiple athletes of hers on the teams. She took the second Storm Team to the first ever US Box lacrosse women’s tournament in San Jose, in Aug of 2022 and were bronze medalists.

Team photo after winning the Bronze medal at the 2017 NAIG for Team BC U-19 Female Lacrosse; Photo Credit: Tanya Foreman and Danya Shima
Professional Photo Credit: Carolyn Billy

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