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Carol Pickett Hull





Year Inducted




An Alaska Native Games icon from Alaska, Carol Pickett won the 1989 Denali Award as Alaska’s Sportsperson of the Year.  Even as a teenager she proved to be a natural with jaw-dropping kicks that reached 7 feet, pushing the women’s records to new heights. She still holds the world record in the traditional one-foot high kick, set in 1990.


Born and raised in Anchorage, AK, Carol began participating in traditional Native sports in 1979.  Since then, Carol has competed successfully in the Native Youth Olympics, World Eskimo Indian Olympics and Arctic Winter Games – Inuit Sports.  For 30 plus years of participating in traditional Native sports, Carol has won over 100 medals to her collection as well as the 1989 Alaska State Sportsperson of the Year, Outstanding Contributor Award from World Eskimo Indian Olympics and various other recognitions.


Married to fellow Alaska Native Games icon Garry Hull, Carol continues to support traditional Native games events by volunteering, coaching, organizing and officiating events.

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