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Daniel Polk

Daniel Polk


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Daniel Polk was born in Ft. Defiance, AZ but grew up in Pinon, AZ and Winterhaven, CA. He is from San Carlos Apache, Kwatsan (Quechan), and Diné nations. His Lakota name is Screaming Eagle and Diné name is Man Comes Home. His parents are Damon Polk and Helena Bekay Polk. He has two sisters and two brothers. Polk now lives in Shakopee, MN with his wife Dyani White Hawk Polk and their daughters Nina and Tusweca Polk.

Polk’s first love was basketball. He played four years of varsity basketball at San Pasqual Valley High School. Daniel would walk onto Arizona Western College team to play one year, then transfer to Haskell Indian Nations University to finish out his basketball career. While at Haskell, he would receive his Associates of Arts and Bachelors of Science Degree in Elementary Education.

Polk now has a new love and passion for disc golf. His friend Henry Pohocsucut would teach him the sport of disc golf in 2005. When he first saw Henry throw a disc, it flew an entire football field length and Polk has been hooked ever since. He wanted to learn everything about disc golf. The techniques, different styles of throw, forms of competition and rules and regulations.

A lifelong athlete, disc golf was now everything to Polk. He would play every chance he got towards the goal to someday become a competitive professional disc golfer. His very first tournament, The Centennial Open, he won the Intermediate division (MA2). This motivated him to keep learning and working on his skills.

In 2006, he became an Advance player (MA1), in 2007 he became a Men’s Professional Open player (MPO), and in 2019 he became a Men’s Master Pro 40+ player (MP40). Polk has played in over 300 tournaments and has over 75 wins. He is sponsored by Prodigy Disc, Airborn Disc Golf, and Team Blue Ribbon Pines.

Polk is seen as a great and respectful competitor and role model. He works hard to earn everything he has achieved and hopes to continue to be a strong competitor positively representing his sponsors and family.

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