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Alexandria Town

Alexandria Town


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Born and raised in Scarborough, ON, Alexandria Town is a competitive wrestler who has been competing on the Canadian National Team since 2018. Town is of mixed race with Black, Indigenous, and European ancestry. She is Mi’kmaw of the Bear Clan and is an engaged member of her local Urban Indigenous community.
Town began wrestling in high school at the age of 15. She continued wrestling at York University where her achievements sky-rocketed as she trail-blazed a path for her school’s program, becoming the most decorated female wrestler in York University’s history. Upon graduation in 2018 she was named to the Canadian National team and began competing on the international stage. That same year Town competed at the U23 World Championships in Bucharest, Romania, where she won the U23 world title, putting her name down in Canadian record books as the first ever Canadian wrestler to do so.
Town has garnered an impressive collection of international medals including five Pan American Championship medals, gold at the 2023 Egypt Ranking Series, and bronze at the 2019 Poland Open. Town still wrestles for Team Canada today with hopes of qualifying for the Olympic Games.

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