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Gary Hull


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Garry Hull is a longtime traditional Alaska Native Games athlete, coach and official. Born in Anchorage and raised in Illinois and came back to Alaska in 1987. Hull was first introduced to Native Games at Clark Junior High School competing alongside senior athletes. He discovered his natural talent for high kicks and one hand reach but soon discovered he could excel in most games played in the various competitions in Alaska i.e.: Native Youth Olympics, World Eskimo Indian Olympics and Arctic Winter games – Dene Games and Inuit Games.
In 1998 Hull set the record for One Hand Reach at 65”. He held that record for 10 years before seeing it broken by Jesse Frankson from Point Hope, AK. This did not deter Hull from continuing his efforts in other games played in competition.
Since 1988 Hull has also exceled in strength games that include Arm Pull, Inuit Stick Pull, and Dene Stick Pull. He has earned well over 100 medals within the traditional Native Games events.
Hull’s children, Garry Hull, Jr. and Sara Hull have also competed in Native Games. In 2007 Hull married his friend and fellow athlete Carol Pickett who was inducted to the 2022 NAIAHF. Together Garry and Carol Hull continue sharing their years of experience with traditional games by coaching students in Seward, AK alongside Head Coach Krisnan Weston.
Currently Hull still participates with Native Games through coaching, officiating and mentoring. His fair and equal judging of Native Games events and his gentle mentoring has made him a respected and valued member within the games community. With humorous stories and knowledge of “tricks to the trade”, Hull is always ready to share his knowledge and skills with the next generation of games athletes.

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