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  • Sunnie R. Clahchischiligi, Diné (Navajo)

    Sunnie R. Clahchischiligi <Back Diné (Navajo) Induction Category: Media Year Inducted 2022 Sunnie R. Clahchischiligi is a longtime storyteller from the Navajo Nation. She spent over a decade as sportswriter for the Navajo Times, telling stories of high school, college, and professional Navajo athletes. Clahchischiligi, a former athlete, developed an admiration for sports and storytelling at a young age. She completed six internships in three years, one at Sports Illustrated magazine in New York City. Clahchischiligi earned multiple awards for her writing in sports, editorial, community coverage, elder coverage, and investigative reporting. She wrote for the St. Cloud Times, the Albuquerque Journal, the Santa Fe New Mexican, the Osage News, Searchlight NM, and the Salt Lake Tribune. From her extensive coverage of basketball on the Navajo Nation, she has been dubbed an expert in rezball, a fast-paced style of basketball played throughout Indian Country. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and The Guardian, to name a few. Clahchischiligi has a bachelor’s degree in print journalism from the University of New Mexico, a master’s degree in rhetoric, writing, and digital media studies from Northern Arizona University, and is currently a PhD candidate in rhetoric and writing at UNM. She also teaches composition in the English department.

  • Lori McAuley, Nehiyew iskwew

    < Back Lori McAuley ​ ​ ​ Lori McAuley Nehiyew iskwew Induction Category: Year Inducted Athlete 2023 Lori McAuley has generously given over fifty years to the sport of canoe/kayak in Saskatchewan. She has mentored and inspired hundreds, perhaps thousands to compete, coach and champion the sport, introducing Indigenous youth to kayaking and ensuring canoeing keeps its foothold as a traditional sport. Coming from a family of competitive paddlers, Lori was racing on the professional circuit by age 16. She also began her lifelong commitment of giving back, making an indelible impact on youth throughout Saskatchewan. Lori took on the work as the volunteer NAIG Games Head Coach and Coordinator for Saskatchewan beginning with the 2002 Games. She chaired committees, planned, and implemented athlete development programs, ran trials, managed, and coached teams for four sets of Games, plus the postponed 2020 Games. Lori ran the Canoe event at four Saskatchewan First Nations Games (SNFG). Her involvement was all encompassing, from setting racecourses to being the Chief Official. Lori also spearheaded Games programs for the Saskatoon Tribal Council. Lori’s commitment is highlighted by: • An historically successful team - Saskatchewan led the medal count in canoeing at every Games except 2017, winning 50 medals in 2014 alone. • Raising the bar with Games programs and competition by administering and coaching excellent programs and by keeping the needs of youth at the forefront. • Mentoring youth including a paddler went on to medal at Canada Games and national team selection. • Building a community network of volunteers, coaches, and managers, mentoring coaches to become certified. • Making her commitment a family contribution. Lori’s husband and children were heavily involved as volunteers with the SFNG and NAIG Games. • Her use of sport to positively impact youth. Her approach is holistic, exposing athletes to mental training, nutrition, and land training. She encourages excellence in sport, academics and everyday life, inspiring athletes to become role models in their community. Photo Credit: Lori McAuley with husband Dale McAuley at the 2017 North American Indigenous Games <Back

  • Shiloh LeBeau, Diné/Lakota

    < Back Shiloh LeBeau ​ ​ ​ Shiloh LeBeau Diné/Lakota Induction Category: Year Inducted Athlete 2024 Shiloh “Shy” LeBeau was born in Lawrence, Kansas on April 13th, 1989. She is half Navajo, Diné of the Honágháahnii clan and half Sans Arch Lakota of the Cheyenne River tribe. She lived on the Lakota Cheyenne River Indian reservation in Eagle Butte, South Dakota for a couple years then her mother relocated Shy and her sisters to Lawrence, KS where she currently resides raising her son. LeBeau boxed competitively since 2013 earning several prestigious awards, accolades and titles as well as making history for her family, Native Americans, the state of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University. While attending Haskell Indian Nations University from 2015 - 2018, she traveled to Ann Arbor, MI and competed in the 2015 United States National Intercollegiate Boxing Association tournament, bringing home a National Intercollegiate Boxing Title for the first time in history to the State of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University. She was the first full-time male or female college student to ever come out of the state of Kansas and achieve this success and in 2018 she went back and did it again at the University of Champaign-Urbana-Champaign, IL. LeBeau also serves as a Nike N7 Ambassador, an inspirational beacon in her community and that of the Native American and indigenous communities, She uses her platform as a positive resource to spread awareness on Native American and indigenous issues that plague native America as well as breaking through barriers, making history and fighting to knock out the stereotypes of what, who and how Native Americans, especially Native American women, are portrayed and represented in today's society. LeBeau travels to many states for motivational speaking and hosts boxing workshops at various Native American reservations, Schools, juvenile detention facilities, foster homes, military bases and other venues are the locations for LeBeau to motivate, inspire and provide mentoring services for youth to elderly, while encouraging them to live a healthier, happier life styles promoted through sport and exercise. LeBeau’s mission is to educate others about the real history of Native Americans, to bring recognition and awareness Native American and indigenous communities and to change the narrative of our people and our beautiful way of life. <Back

  • Mariah Bahe, Navajo

    < Back Mariah Bahe ​ ​ ​ Mariah Bahe Navajo Induction Category: Year Inducted Athlete 2023 Mariah Bahe is an accomplished amateur boxer with six national boxing titles including the 2016 Ringside World Tournament Championship, 2017 USA Jr. Olympic National Championship, 2018 Eastern Olympic Qualifier National Championship, 2018 Western Olympic Qualifier National Championship, 2019 Silver Gloves National Championship, and 2020 Silver Gloves National Championship. Bahe has competed in over 60 bouts in USA boxing with a 70% win record. She has also won over 15 Arizona State boxing championships, over 10 Regional titles, and four All Indian National titles. Bahe trains in a small gym called Damon-Bahe Boxing, with males as her sparing partners. She would travel 2.5 hours and more to spar with females her age and weight. Bahe qualified for the Arizona High School State Cross Country Championships placing in the top 20 all three years of high school. She also qualified in the Arizona High School State Track and Field Championships all three years. Bahe has been recognized in 2018 in the Arizona State House of Representatives for her accomplishments in the sport of boxing. She is featured in boxing documentaries and “Mariah: A Boxers Dream” is on the Olympic Channel and it has won two WEBBY awards. She was also in the 2019-2020 A Puma Campaign with four advertisement commercials. Bahe has spoken to schools on the topic of “Never Give Up and Anything is Possible.” She wants to show younger women and girls there is no limit on what they can accomplish no matter where they come from. Bahe enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and will continue to box in the military. <Back

  • 1899 Carlisle Indian Industrial School

    Team 2024 1899 Carlisle Indian Industrial School Induction Category: Year Inducted <Back During the 1899 season, the Carlisle Indians were led by first-year head coach Glenn “Pop” Warner and the team compiled a 9-2 record. The Indians outscored their opponents 383 to 46. The captain of the team was Martin Wheelock, Oneida, who was named to the 1899 New York Sun All American First Team. Wheelock was inducted in the athlete category of the inaugural 2022 NAIAHF. The Carlisle Indians began playing football in 1893. They became a national powerhouse in their 25 year existence as a program and played a top national collegiate team schedule. On December 25, 1899, the Carlisle Indians and University of California game was the first college football game played between teams from the east and west coasts. The only score was when Jonas Metoxen tackled a Cal player in the end zone for a safety. Schedule: Sept. 23 Gettysburg College 21-0 Sept. 30 Susquehanna University 56-0 Oct. 14 @ University of Pennsylvania 16-5 Oct. 21 Dickinson College 16-5 Oct. 28 @ Harvard University 10-22 Nov. 4 @ Hamilton College 32-0 Nov. 11 @ Princeton University 0-12 Nov. 25 Oberlin College 81-0 Nov. 30 @ Columbia University 45-0 Dec. 25 @ University of California 2-0 Dec. 26 @ Phoenix Indian School 104-0 Roster: The roster included (name; tribe; residence post-Carlisle; graduate class or departed year; profile if available); note: there may be others who were on the roster that are not listed and this induction entry will be updated: Archiqette, Chauncey; Oneida; Pawhuska, OK; class of 1899 Baine, John; Sioux; Warwick, SD; class of 1901 Beaver, Frank; Winnebago; Winnebago, NE; class of 1901 Blackchief, Allen; Tonawanda Seneca; Akron, NY; departed in 1901 Burr, Sidney; Alaskan; Versailles, NY; departed in 1900 Campeau, Frank; Chippewa; N/A; departed in 1901 Dillon, Charles; Crow Creek Sioux; Wyola, MT; departed in 1904 Hare, Nelson; Seneca; Irving, NY; class of 1902 Hudson, Frank; Laguna Pueblo; Bucks County, PA; class of 1896; considered the greatest kicker in the beginning American football; two-time 1898 and 1899 Outing magazine All American; was an assistant coach with Carlisle from 1904 to 1906 becoming one of the first non-white coaches in college football history Johnson, James E.; Stockbridge; class of 1901; first year player at Carlisle in 1899 and eventually was named a 1903 Walter Camp All American at Carlisle, played at Northwestern University in 1904-05 and came back as an assistant coach at Carlisle in 1906 Metoxen, Jonas; Oneida; West De Pere, WI; departed in 1900 Miller, Artie; Stockbridge; Gresham, WI; class of 1900; played halfback and also played professionally for the Homestead Library and Athletic Club being a part of the two-time 1900 and 1901 West Pennsylvania Pro Champions; was a member of the National Football League’s Pittsburg Stars 1902 Championship team Pierce, Bemus; Seneca; N/A; check; three-time Carlisle football captain prior to the 1899 team; All American lineman in 1896; professional player; head coach of the University of Buffalo in 1899, and interim head coached at Carlisle College in 1906 while also coaching at Haskell Institute and was the head coach at Kenyon College in 1908-10 Pierce, Hawley; Seneca; Salamanca, NY; departed in 1904; played professional football after Carlisle Redwater, Thaddeus; Cheyenne; Lame Deer, MT; departed in 1900 Roberts, Charles; Chippewa; Chicago, IL; departed in 1903 Rogers, Eddie; Chippewa; Walker, MN; class of 1897 and departed in 1901; named an All American in 1903; played on the University of Minnesota football team while earning his law degree; head coach at Carlisle in 1904 and St. Thomas College in St. Paul, MN in 1905-08 Scott, Frank; Seneca; Buffalo, NY; departed in 1905 Scrogg, Solomon; Seneca; Springfiled, MA; departed in 1901 Seneca, Isaac; Seneca; Erie County, NY; class of 1900; halfback was named as the first indigenous inductee in the 1899 College Football All American Team Scholder, Joseph; Mission; Riverside, CA; departed in 1900 Scholder, William; San Dieganos Nation; N/A; class of 1906 Sickles, Caleb; Oneida; Tiffin, OH; class of 1898; studied to be a dentist practicing in Tiffin, OH for his career and was the football coach at Heidelberg College Smith, Edwin; Clallam; Chemawa, OR; class of 1991 Warren, John B.; White Earth Chippewa; class of 1900 Wheelock, Martin; Oneida; Seymour, WI; class of 1902; inaugural 2022 NAIAHF induction page: Wilde, Byron; Arickara; Elbowwoods, ND; departed October 19, 1899 Williams, Charles; Stockbridge; N/A; class of 1904 Sources: Wikipedia; Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center; Steckbeck. J.S. (1951). Fabulous Redmen: The Carlisle Indians and Their Famous Football Teams. J. Horace McFarland

  • Edison Eskeets, Navajo

    < Back Edison Eskeets ​ ​ ​ Edison Eskeets Navajo Induction Category: Year Inducted Athlete/Builder 2023 Edison Eskeets is an enrolled member of the Navajo Tribal Nation. He attended and received diplomas from Haskell Indian Junior College, Kansas, and Bradley University, Illinois. A First Team All-American Runner, invested in Native traditional education composed with the mainstream educational school system at large. Edison taught at the Orme School, an international school, and the Native American Preparatory School serving in the following capacities: Chair of the Fine Arts, Teaching the Arts and Humanities, Coaching Track & Field and Cross Country, Academic Dean, Associate Head of School, Head of School. In addition, he served as the Executive Director on behalf of Wings of America, serving Native youth programs throughout Indian Country. Edison made every effort in making a difference within Native communities and went beyond boundaries: fundraising, grant writing, lectures, presentation of Native Arts, collaborating programs with colleges/communities, and seeking funds from government, foundations, corporations, individual donors, state funds, and tribal funds. It is vital to maintain the goodness of all indigenous societies including culture, language, ceremonies, food, and underscoring the history of the Americas, from Chile to Alaska. At one time, there were over 80 million indigenous population in the Americas and today’s count is almost 6 million. Therefore, Education, Athletics, Native programs, Higher Education, Funds, and Leadership must be nurtured. His final employment was under the Hubbell Trading Post at Ganado, Arizona operated by the Western National Parks Association. He is the first Navajo trader to manage the Hubbell Trading Post, the oldest continuously operating trading post on the Navajo reservation. This environment included education of Native arts: metal smithing, rug weaving, wood carving, painting, pottery, leather works, and trading items with fellow customers. Currently, he is promoting a new book titled “Send a Runner,” a book illustrating the history of the southwest embodied with Native traditional ultra-running. Photo Credits: Joseph Kayne and Fairfield Half Marathon (CT) <Back

  • Drew Bucktooth, Onondaga

    < Back Drew Bucktooth ​ ​ ​ Drew Bucktooth Onondaga Induction Category: Year Inducted Athlete 2022 Drew Bucktooth is a lacrosse and hockey player from the Onondaga Nation in upstate NY. As a member of the Syracuse Stars hockey team he played against the highest level and won back to back state championships, a national championship and a world championship and was MVP of the world championship game. As a 16 year old, Drew was selected for the United States National team but was drafted and played in the OHL instead but still played for Team USA in international competitions and was named the team captain. In lacrosse, the first goal Drew ever scored was on his own goalie, but he made sure to do it correctly after that. As an eighth grader Drew led the varsity lacrosse team in scoring, as a ninth grader he led his league in scoring. As a 10th grader Drew once again led his team in scoring and earned All American, one of only two lacrosse players in NY state history to earn the tile of All American as a 10th grader. When Drew was 15 he competed with the Iroquois Nationals in the U19 world lacrosse championships in Japan, although Drew was the youngest player there, he led the tournament in scoring and was named to the All World Team. A few years later the Lacrosse World Championships were held in Australia, and again Drew was named to the All World Team and has the distinction as the only person in history to make the U19 All World Team twice. As a member of the Onondaga RedHawks, his team captured the Presidents cup twice, which is the Canadian National box lacrosse championship. These days Drew can still be found in and out of hockey rinks and lacrosse fields coaching his four sons, Blake, Gavin, Dylan and Cruze. <Back

  • Michael Daney, Choctaw

    Michael Daney <Back Choctaw Induction Category: Year Inducted Coach/Athlete 2024 Michael Daney is a member of the Oklahoma Choctaw Tribal Nation. He was a track and cross country athlete at Haskell Indian Junior College, Oklahoma Baptist University and Northeastern Oklahoma State University, and a coach at Haskell Indian Junior College and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute where he is currently a health and physical education instructor. Daney serves as a coach, mentor, and facilitator of the Sport Warriors Track Club, a program that is designed to encourage and assist Native American post-collegiate runners to continue to compete on a national level in USATF national competitions. Daney mentored and coached three runners that qualified for the U.S. Olympic Trials. As an athlete at Haskell Indian Junior College, he was a two-time NJCAA national cross country qualifier and was named the cross country team MVP while earning letters in cross country, basketball, and track. While being an athlete at Oklahoma Baptist University, Daney was a member of the NAIA Cross Country All Conference Team, NAIA District 9 Cross Country Champion, and NAIA National Cross Country Qualifier. He was All Conference in the Three Mile Run and Steeplechase and was also named to the NAIA All Region Team Steeplechase. Daney also attended Northeastern Oklahoma State University, and he was the winner of the NIAA Native American Cross Country Championship, Conference Track Champion and school record holder in the one and two mile Daney began his college coaching at Haskell Indian Junior College and was a part of the four-peat Haskell’s Men’s Marathon National Championships that is still an NJCAA record. His men and women’s teams qualified for seven NJCAA National X-Country Championships and were all top 10 finishes. Daney coached 18 male and female All-Americans including one national champion and he was a two-time NJCAA Region X-Country Coach of the Year. Daney also coached 10 NJCAA National Championship at Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute. He coached 23 All-Americans and seven individual national champions. He was named NJCAA Regional Coach of the Year five times and National Coach of the Year 10 times. Daney currently lives in Albuquerque, NM, with his wife, children and grandchildren.

  • Wilton Littlechild | NAIAHF

    Wilton Littlechild Category Builder Tribe Cree Year Inducted 2022 D.O.B. 4/1/1944 An Indigenous lawyer of Cree ancestry, bestowed as Honourary Cree Chief and International Chief, Wilton Littlechild was elected a Member of Parliament in Canada and Vice-President of the Indigenous Parliament of the Americas. Known for his advocacy, nationally and internationally on Human Rights and Traditional Games and Sports. Born in Maskwacis (Treaty No. 6), raised by his grandparents but taken at the age of six where he spent fourteen years in the Indian Residential School system. He witnessed and experienced various forms of abuse but was also introduced to sports, which he used to motivate his pursuit of excellence and run from abuse. He eventually excelled academically and in athletics; credits his traditional upbringing to seek balance in life; underpinned by spirituality and family support. Achievements: • Ten Athlete of the Year Awards • Holds three University and five Honorary Doctorate degrees (Physical Education, Law) • Eight Sports Halls of Fame • University of Alberta Most Outstanding Indian Athlete in Canada (twice) • Major Sports: Hockey, Baseball, Swimming • Centennial medal - Top 100 in Hockey • Order of Sport as inductee to Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame • Over seventy-five Championships • Twice honoured in Switzerland and Olympic Games Ambassador Home 2024 Banquet 2024 Banquet Sponsorship About Inductee Search Provincial Nominees Contact Officials (Individual) More

  • Carol Pickett Hull | NAIAHF

    Carol Pickett Hull Category Athlete Tribe Inupiaq Year Inducted 2022 D.O.B. 4/7/64 An Alaska Native Games icon from Alaska, Carol Pickett won the 1989 Denali Award as Alaska’s Sportsperson of the Year. Even as a teenager she proved to be a natural with jaw-dropping kicks that reached 7 feet, pushing the women’s records to new heights. She still holds the world record in the traditional one-foot high kick, set in 1990. Born and raised in Anchorage, AK, Carol began participating in traditional Native sports in 1979. Since then, Carol has competed successfully in the Native Youth Olympics, World Eskimo Indian Olympics and Arctic Winter Games – Inuit Sports. For 30 plus years of participating in traditional Native sports, Carol has won over 100 medals to her collection as well as the 1989 Alaska State Sportsperson of the Year, Outstanding Contributor Award from World Eskimo Indian Olympics and various other recognitions. Married to fellow Alaska Native Games icon Garry Hull, Carol continues to support traditional Native games events by volunteering, coaching, organizing and officiating events. Home 2024 Banquet 2024 Banquet Sponsorship About Inductee Search Provincial Nominees Contact Officials (Individual) More

  • James Lavallée, Métis

    < Back James Lavallée ​ ​ ​ James Lavallée Métis Induction Category: Year Inducted Athlete 2022 Born and raised in Winnipeg, James is a proud Métis who grew up paddling on the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. James has represented Canada internationally at various kayak competitions including the 2014 and 2015 Canoe Sprint Junior World Championships. In 2016, James was named to Canada’s national canoe-kayak team. In 2017, James proudly wore his Métis sash on the podium after winning three medals for Team Manitoba at the Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg. In October 2017, he received the national Tom Longboat Award presented to the top Indigenous male and female athletes of the year. In 2019 James was presented with an Indspire award in the category of Métis youth. In the summer of 2020 James co-founded Waterways Recreation with the mission of supporting community wellness by using canoeing and outdoor recreation to connect Indigenous youth to cultural skills and identities. To date, Waterways has provided thousands of Indigenous youths with the opportunity to connect with their cultures through community led canoeing summer camps and paddling programs. When he is not out on the water sharing his passion for paddling James studies at Concordia University where he plans to major in management and minor in political science <Back

  • Oliver “Cap” Bomberry Sr, Cayuga

    < Back Oliver “Cap” Bomberry Sr ​ ​ ​ Oliver “Cap” Bomberry Sr Cayuga Induction Category: Year Inducted Athlete/Builder 2023 Cap Bomberry played for the Oshweken Warriors from 1959 to 1973 and won the President's Cup in 1964, 1967 and 1968. He was involved in minor organization from 1975 to 1988 and was a Team/General Manager with the Jr. A Arrows from 1990 to 1992 winning the Minto Cup in 1992. This was the first indigenous team to win the Minto Cup. He was also the GM for the Six Nations Chiefs from 1993 to 1997 winning the Mann Cup in 1994, 1995, and 1996. Cap was President and GM of the Six Nations Rivermen from 2013 to 2019 winning the President's Cup in 2015 and 2019. Bomberry has been a builder of the sport of lacrosse in the Six Nations minor organization, coach of Pee Wee and Bantam national championships, and Midget provincial championship. He traveled to Australia when Six Nations athletes competed for Team Canada in the World Field Lacrosse Championships and with the Iroquois Nationals when Ontario hosted the World Indoor Championships. Bomberry has been inducted into the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1997 in the Builder Category. He was also inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 2001 as a Builder, became an Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA) Life Member in 2006 and was presented with the OLA President's Award. <Back

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